SAN-AI Co.,Ltd.


Noriko Miura
 San-Ai Co.,Ltd. has been working closely with its clients to better understand their needs and evolve as a firm that provide catered services to each of its clients. We nurture and assign staff members who can help customers with their expertise. We also provide carreer support to our clients to help them find a workstyle that enables them to work with ease.

 Utilizing the knowledge of human resource services in manufacting businesses that we have cultivated over the years, we place emphasis on nurturing human resources as well as assistance with office scene so as to provide a human resource service that truly connects the people and the company. We strive to do our best to provide human resource services that would become valuable assets to the client company.
Noriko Miura

About us

Our firm has a permission for work-dispatch undertakings (23-301362) and a fee-charged employment placement bussinness. We provide a plan that is most suitable to our client.
  • Our firm consists of 40 percent Japanese-descent and 60 percent Japanese staff memebers. We are able to assign staff members according to each client company's demands.

Company profile

Name SAN-AI Co.,Ltd.
Address 133 Hanei-cho,Toyohashi-shi,
Aich-ken 441-8025

Representative CEO Miura Noriko
Established September 1, 2012
Capital 30 Million Yen
Worker-Dispatch Undertakings
Fee-Charged Employment Agency
Introduction Dispatch Service
Interpretation and Translation Service
Various Production Services Contract
Labor Management Administration Assitance
Foreign Engineer Dispatchment and Introduction
Specific Skilled Foreign Worker Registration Support Service
Staff Japanese
Japanese-descent Brazilian
Japanese-descent Peruvian
Japanese-descent Philipino
Main bank Toyohashi Shinkin Bank, Fujisawa Branch
About us